Make Art, Not War

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, so we all had the talk
about how Barbie's not
anatomically correct.
Women don't have
nippleless breasts
thier legs aren't two fold their torso
her eyes aren't the size of her fists.

But we all played with her as kids
we grew up with complexes that beg
the question
"Why are we still pretending?"
I mean, hairless legs is one thing
what about the silicone? Little
Botox for that expressionless smile?
The matching bra and panty ensembles
and the shoes (ah, the shoes)
because everyone wants to be pretty
don't you?

So you brush her perfect platinum blonde nylon for hair
just like she were real
and never wonder if Barbie feels it or about
the power she has over you
(you think it too, in the backround somewhere) perfect hair,
pretty shoes.

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