Make Art, Not War

Friday, April 27, 2012

to the asshole who posted my poetry on his dumb blog

Write your own material, you hack. Nobody likes a hater. Haters don't even like haters. That's how bad they suck. But, thanks for the traffic.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The huff and puff and I must be out of breath by now

Okay, so I haven't really been the best, most diligent blogger. I just realized that if I really want this to be my online keepings of poetries I should probably include the links to videos of me performing all this stuff, right?

Well, I just found a bunch of such links (most of them are of the same poem) and I guess I'm not going to put them all here right now, but I have to do at least a few.  These are all clips of the poem "The Huff and Puff of my Frustration" So, if it seems like I am repeating myself, I am.

First, the most recent from last weekend at the ReOccupy Mpls rally (before the police brutality that night). I screw up twice, but I love the back drop of the world in this video.  

and then, the same poem from August of last year (before Occupy had entered our collective vernacular!)

And one more time, all out of order, is the performance at the benefit concert for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression Feb 18th 2012. This one is dear to me because it was for my favorite good cause (our own asses!) and also I nailed it. (audio warning: this one starts mid-clapping and it's really loud)

Thank you to my friends for filming these.
Ok, I'm ganna really write some new material now!~