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Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Spring: Grow the Resistance!

So yesterday was the 7yr anti-war protest/concert. I got to perform my little 5min. bit right before Guante in the line up, and you know what? I did alright. My voice was shredded from leading chants during the march, but I managed to stir up some energy I think. Steph was moved to tears, Jess said. And Guante seemed to like my stuff. I did mention that a wrote Make New Friends in response to seeing him perform for the first time. He said he was flattered.
Frankly, I'm glad he wasn't weirded out. But I basically got to share a stage with my own local idol and broadcast a message that the resistance is on the rise! So that was cool. It was everything I said I wanted and a hell of a way to spend the 1st day of Spring.
As for the demo as a whole, it wasn't bad. Over 500 people came out (they had 5,000 in D.C. and in San Fancisco). The community we marched through seemed highly interested in us, too. I'm glad it wasn't the same old parade through Uptown this year. We definately started some conversations in that neighborhood. And as for the concert (which was meant to appeal to new youth in the movement) well, hopefully everybody had a good time. Hopefully someone shows up at our two upcoming events. I would be thrilled if someone said they came because of my poetry. It would be such remarkable validation, I don't know what I would do.
Either way, April brings more sunshine and more poetry slams. And here it comes.

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