Make Art, Not War

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Haha, its actually not funny at all.

OK, there have been an onslaught of ridiculous, over-the-top statements and attacks against women in the last couple of months but this one, this one takes the cake, it goes too far, I just had to say something.

Are you fucking kidding me?

This statement, at least, has sparked much discussion about what exactly a legitimate rape is, and who are these doctors anyway? who don't understand a thing about the workings of a woman's body?  Personally, I have been enjoying the funny pictures and the tongue-in-cheek commentary, but this is serious. The guy who said this wasn't joking.  And his intentions (and that of the rest of the his party) and far less comical. They should be criminal, instead this willful ignorance is being turned into law. And I hope that beyond a few shares of pics on facebook, comments like these stir up some real action. This needs to be addressed by the community of women and people who care about women (which you would think is everyone, but clearly, it's not). I mean, what are these Republicans trying to pull?

Republican Vice President pick Paul Ryan is another woman hater to watch out for. Todd Akin and Paul Ryan co-sponsored 8 anti-abortion bills, including one attempting to introduce the term "forcible rape"  (not the same as "coerced with threats" rape or "She was asking for it" rape) to restrict access to federal funds for rape victims to get an abortion. He is a real predator. The only difference between him and a rapist, is instead of one victim, he wants to put every woman and child in harms way.

It's just like we say in the anti-war business, if you want to stop the war -cut the funding. The same tactic is being used across the board by anti-woman legislators, want to stop women? Cut the funding. The only difference is, these people actually get to vote on things like that! 

But this is no isolated incident, and that's the real problem. This is part of a strategy to attack all aspects of a woman's rights. The more outlandish the statements, the more desperate they can convince you this election is, the more of a circus the whole thing becomes. But the bills are real. And the results are alarming

What we have here is a case of too many assholes with dicks (a dangerous combination). When dealing with these undesirable types you're either getting fucked or you're getting shit on. They should be avoided at all costs, in person, UNFORTUNATELY for all of us- too many of these fuckers are in charge. I mean, they are in office. Or, they would like to be. And they are launching an all-out war on women. Now, I didn't vote for them, and I don't agree with them, but they get to make decisions that affect my body And that is seriously fucking scary!

This is no longer an unwinable debate of ethics on the singular (and frankly, you are missing the point) issue of abortion. These assholes are attacking the foundations of women's hard-earned rights, like the fundamental right of every human being to the governance of our own bodies. Laws that seek to "Redefine rape" and legally establish when life begins are a means to control women. There is a law on the books in Arizona that claims that life now begins up to 2 weeks before conception! That way,  they can further restrict access to abortion, healthcare, even information, a full two weeks earlier then most states. Clever, aren't they? This particular bill was dubbed the "women as livestock" bill, because it basically treats women like they are farm animals. That's right ladies, all female bodied people are just baby makers. You are pre-pregnant until you get knocked up and if you're not married you're a whore, and if you were raped but you didn't fight him off, it's your fault, otherwise you should have just shut that whole thing down. In any case, it is in the best interest of the state that you just have the baby. (But don't ask for public assistance to raise it, that would make you a welfare-queen.) I mean, it's ridiculous. But it's worse than ridiculous -it's really happening.

Ladies, this is a war. To see this as anything less then a full-on assault, you would have to have your head buried pretty deep in the sand (or up some Republicans ass). This is about basic freedoms. And to the men out there, looking on as this shit goes down on a national stage, my question is- which side are you on?