Make Art, Not War

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefit Concert/album release for CSFR

Hey Folks!

So, my little blog has actually gotten some traffic lately, due to the new album we put together for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, and I thought I should at least mention the CD and the coming show.
So for anyone who is new:


I am really excited for this show. I have always believed that when artists and activists come together we are unstoppable. I am glad to be a part of this project, and that I get to perform at the show!!!

You are all invited, by the way.

It's going to be February 18th at the 400 bar in Mpls (8pm)
Come and support the cause, come and support the community
(and me).
It is going to be such a fun night.
I can hardly wait.


P.s. Oh yeah! And go download the album at http://stopfbi.bandcamp.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Opening day of MN legislator (speech)

Speech for the opening day of legislator at the Capitol, Jan 24th 2012
Anti-War Committee, as a part of the People’s Bailout Coalition

To the politicians: Politicians. I came here today with a message from the people. Now, you may not know who we are, hell, I don’t know who most of you are. I don’t honestly have much use for that information, because as long as I have been alive it has been true that politicians follow the money, they listen to their lobbyists, and they do what their friends in business want them to do.
And that they do not represent us.

It has been true, but I’m here today to tell you that things have changed.

I was here last year, actually. I stood right here on the opening day of legislator and I gave a speech on the interrelatedness of injustice and war and poverty- a year ago. So I can tell you that we are in a totally different political climate, just one year later. Because Occupy Wall Street is a wake-up call to all who choose to listen. And we, as a people, as a nation, are waking up. The 99% are coming to attention, they’re coming to actions. Its amazing.

For those of us who were singing this tune all along it comes as no surprise. If anything, it has been a long time coming. Until finally, we realized that the power of the people is greater than the dollar. We are stronger, our voices carry louder than the corporate controlled media can ignore. Which is why it is so important for us to be here today, to stand up and speak out and tell these politicians how we feel.

Now, I just want to back up and say that I am here today representing the anti war committee. The AWC has been a part of The People’s Bailout Coalition since it’s inception because we understand that there is a direct link between the War on Terror and the war that’s being waged right here at home on the poor people of this country, and of this state. And when we stand up for the quality of life of Minnesotans, struggling to heat their homes, struggling just to keep their homes,
we are also acutely aware of the quality of life for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan (or anywhere, really, that has something that our government wants) who
–just like us- want to live free of fear, and go to work and school and live in peace.

When we say End the War we mean cut the funding! Cause we know that for ten years and counting, this war has been costing us in so many more ways than money. But the war profiteers are still not satisfied. And while billions of our tax dollars are being spent on bombs that keep the peace, drone planes that supposedly miss civilians, and FBI investigations that destroy our civil liberties, the whatever's left is being parceled out to inadequate health care, overwhelmed public schools and all but derailed social services.

And we’ve had enough! Minnesotans want to see their tax dollars go to Minnesotans in need, not to kill people in other countries -just to line the pockets of the 1%!

Politicians, take heed. We are awake. And we are watching you too, now. Watching what you do, and where your values lie. We are here to tell you that we want an end to militarization. We want an end to poverty. If you’re looking for some money in the budget somewhere, I say TAX THE RICH! They got us into this mess. They have profited off of us for long enough, and we have had enough of it.

Mark my words. If we can come this far in one year, think of where we will be a year from now. And the year after that. The time has come, and we the people will change this world, with or without you politicians, things are never ganna be the same. My best advice to you is to get on board!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

blog, bloggity, blog, blog

So, I'm going back and forth about the use I want to make of this medium. I started out just posting poetry- finished works that I wanted to have a internet sort-of storage for. But also, sometimes I ramble. And sometimes I want to go off about stuff that is very important to me (which looks odd next to the silly stuff). So, I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing, but whatever.
I just wanted to share the seed I have for a new poem! I haven't really written anything new in over a year, and with all the stuff that's been going on that is a damn shame. Well, I just started something that I think is going to be my next big thing, and I wanted to share.
So here it is (more to come).

I know one thing: Art heals
That's why I write.
I write because my heart is crying out
almost all the time, but without a voice
it would go unnoticed.
I am only speaking for it
a secretary taking notes, but art,
art sheds light on the dark things we bury
and makes us grow.
It demands the best of us,
consoles us in our misery,
rejoices with us when we are happy
(really, a true friend).

Well, that's all I have so far, but I'm thankful for a new start.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The rising of the tide

Everyone I left back in FLake is drowning.
I miss their phone calls and play back the messages.
It sounds like them, but in a container
their voices calling to me from under the water
and it’s bad news.
They want me back
but I don’t go (often).
They want me to stick out my hand and grab them,
but I know better.
I know that a person will pull you in with them
to try to save themselves
push your head under water
a panicked, thrashing, hysterical behavior
I know- I used
to live there too, in the blue.
I have since curbed my altruism.

I sailed to a new shore
and destroyed the ship when I landed.
Not a conqueror, a refugee.
I made a home and learned the language.
I made some new friends and I try to live
peaceably amidst this war
and to stand up for what is right and just
and for what I believe in.
Still, I think of my family out there,
broken fingers that don’t make a hand
symptoms of this greater struggle that we are all in
against poverty, against hatred breeding hatred, and the kind of
willful ignorance that war creates, I think about
the casualties of this economy that we have all become
(the whole world paying for it) and I hope to have
some kind of impact on the next batch of us
who dream of an impossibly beautiful and bright future
for fear that we cannot even save ourselves.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twenty Twelve

My, my, my it is the new year. And not just any, this is 2012 (oh my). I feel like we have been waiting for this time to come and now its here. Twenty twelve. The end of the Mayan calendar, an election year, the beginning of something that is much, much bigger.
And here we are!
I usually like to have a set of well thought out new years resolutions and this year- I just don't. I feel like my whole will to do anything about anything has been leading up to this. I have been preparing for this. I want to do everything. That's my plan. Try to get everything done in a year and we'll see how far we get!
(sorry, I start using too many exclamation marks every time I think it).
For the longest time I felt like I was generationally displaced, that I was meant for the 60s and the 70s, so to be stuck in the apathetic double ohs was no good. I should have been a hippie, fighting the war and injustice everywhere, trying to save the planet...
Now I know that the time is now! That there is no time but now, and I am so excited to be right here! (there I go again).
Anyway, my resolution is to be more useful. To make a greater, more meaningful impact now that this ball is really rolling. Granted, in the winter it is going to slow down. But I think of this time of year, having just past the solstice, as the very top point of a roller coaster. The first few cars have already gone over the edge and we are staring down at the plummet we are about to take. It makes my stomach feel like it is suspended in open space. It makes me very excitable.
Twenty twelve, man.

Here we go.