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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twenty Twelve

My, my, my it is the new year. And not just any, this is 2012 (oh my). I feel like we have been waiting for this time to come and now its here. Twenty twelve. The end of the Mayan calendar, an election year, the beginning of something that is much, much bigger.
And here we are!
I usually like to have a set of well thought out new years resolutions and this year- I just don't. I feel like my whole will to do anything about anything has been leading up to this. I have been preparing for this. I want to do everything. That's my plan. Try to get everything done in a year and we'll see how far we get!
(sorry, I start using too many exclamation marks every time I think it).
For the longest time I felt like I was generationally displaced, that I was meant for the 60s and the 70s, so to be stuck in the apathetic double ohs was no good. I should have been a hippie, fighting the war and injustice everywhere, trying to save the planet...
Now I know that the time is now! That there is no time but now, and I am so excited to be right here! (there I go again).
Anyway, my resolution is to be more useful. To make a greater, more meaningful impact now that this ball is really rolling. Granted, in the winter it is going to slow down. But I think of this time of year, having just past the solstice, as the very top point of a roller coaster. The first few cars have already gone over the edge and we are staring down at the plummet we are about to take. It makes my stomach feel like it is suspended in open space. It makes me very excitable.
Twenty twelve, man.

Here we go.

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