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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art Wall 2010

So, I put my shit up at work. Makes me feel like swearing. As you can imagine, I have strong, well articulated opinions about censorship, but I do respect the idea of a work environment. I considered putting CNN=ADD up with the curse words blotted out, but I didn't. I stretched my luck enough I think with "nippleless" and all the anti-religious stuff around Easter (Actually, the only reason I put up the Christmas tree one is because it's nowhere near Christmas).

And now my poetry is up there for two weeks to be scrutinized by my co-workers. I worry that I've missed spelled something. I should be taking a much more optimistic approach but with the grant, and the continuing mellow drama of poetry slams, I'm feeling a little like all my chips are in (or all my cards are down or something). I feel like I am made of paper, and if anyone says anything too abrasively (good or bad) it might tear right through me (there, does that imagery work?). I worry that i will have to answer questions.

But there it is. A wall full of words and I really do hope someone enjoys them. The first time I did this (which was a lot more nerve racking) I thought it was important to include poetry in people's definition of art wall art. Lots of people have put up paintings and photographs, sculpture, crafts. I wanted to broaden the scope, so to speak. And also, I really wanted to share. I'm always writing when I'm at a register, and I never show or tell. Except once a year like this, and then I'm easily aggitated and defensive about it. Hahaha. I do it to myself.

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