Make Art, Not War

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Cable News Network as equivalent to Attention Deficit Disorder >OR< CNN = ADD

Never lived in a one horse town.
But I figure we’ve got the suburbs now
(it’s all about how you get around)
It’s the poor out there in the middle of nowhere that get the real shit deal
They face prejudice everyday with no resources, no choices, no chances to heal
So, I finally made it to the city, feel the grime on my face
People packed closer together-
Same shit, less space.
I wanna burn down every million-dollar
deal I see and
break every television teaching
that only want is free
But there are rules in place
to keep us moving single file
the education of our children not to
touch that dial or
“Whiten that smile!” the Happy Meals brought to your door
are worth killing for (it’s worth drilling for)
The daily grind a reminder that time is money spent and the debt
of cavities, lazy worker bees and
rent are accepted conditions, casual addictions
not to be mentioned except in passing cause some day we all are ganna die
and you know it’s not just time that’s
passing you by, right?
So now the WAR to end them all
is already begun
design a new Nintendo version, teach them “kill for fun”
They’re screaming censorship in Jesus name his children that he loves, but we’ll
pump them full of Ritalin for all this acting up, and I’ve had enough
throw back the crutch and they fed you lies and pesticides and pretend to
try to clean it up?
(come on, let’s try to clean it up)
Of Injustice, Imperialist False Security
how about just vulgarity? It offends me that you think you understand, man
you’ve been at it for centuries like this was always the plan
(and I too caught up in the mystery to lend a hand)
New plan: everybody use what you know,
do what you can.
everybody in it for all
cause we’re all in this together and
this ship’s not going down without a fight, that’s right, I said
I’m here to get some work done
I’m in it for the education so that I can use these tools, my two hands
to change the world and then
change the world again
I’m SO SICK of everyone acting like some coming revolution’s the only
time and place to take a stand.
If something’s not right right now you can, but then
nevermind, I find I am up against the American attention span
so what else is on? And what have you done? And what are we
ganna leave to the generations to come, because all I came here today with was this question
-begging revolution

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