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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fundraiser for May Day Books!

So this weekend approaches fast, and here I am not even mentioning this upcoming show!

I (know I always say this, but I) am really excited about this performance! I am going to be doing a little poetry at the May Day Books Sale and Social this Saturday afternoon, to raise money for this awesome  non-profit, all volunteer bookstore. I think of May Day as a meeting space, a place to host a educational forum, or a movie showing-lots of fun stuff like that. Many years of activism have brought me to May Day time and time again for events by our group and others. And they have all kinds of radical, progressive stuff on the shelves (by people whose work I know I should be reading more of). And everything is always 15% off the cover price. What's not to love? (For the sale, everything will be 20% which is maybe not as impressive when you know it is only an additional 5%, but hey-the point is it's a fundraiser).

Another reason I am excited for this show is because I intend to break out a little bit in terms of my material. Because this is a fundraiser for a bookstore and not a political rally, or a topic-driven event I am going to do some poems that aren't entirely political (you know, my usual). Don't worry, some will be (let's not go crazy here). But it will be nice to do some poetry for poetry's sake. I have some new pieces I am going to debut and it should be a lot of fun. And the audience will be mostly comprised of friends (and anyone reading this blog post is certainly invited) so I'm not too nervous, and we're on track for having it recorded. Basically, I just have to figure out what I'm going to wear (well, that and get through the rest of this week).

So yeah, 

Saturday 3-6pm (I will probably be speaking at 4-ish)
301 Cedar ave S
(right below Midwest Mountaineering)
See you there!

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