Make Art, Not War

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Heroines that wear boots, not heels

and this was a comic book
and I had a sidekick
he would be my fact checker
my editor, a computer-savvy word nerd
(and he would be desperately in love with me).

And so would the bad guys, of course, 
and the city commissioner, because
I'm a girl.
And that's how they treat girls in comic books.

And I would wear some kind of full body bathing suit
thing with a short cape or a short skirt
(either or). Come to think of it,
I might not like this comic book life
in platform heels, with double D tits.

But I do with I could fly though!
That might be worth the stares.
And if I really did have SUPER POWERS
I'd like to think I'd do my share of saving lives around here.
As it is, I do my best, and I'm just me.
Just need to find myself a travel partner, I guess
and go start an adventure.

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