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Saturday, February 25, 2012

spring around the bend

So it's a sunny, cold day in February and Spring is just around the corner. I know that winter this year has been a tame beast, but I'm ready for Spring. I am starting to think about my garden, and this season of Occupy, and of all things improving for the sake of more sunshine. I am also happy to be writing again! Its time to get some things I've been tossing around actually off the ground. It's funny, because winter is supposed to be the time we turn in and create our best work. But this winter was never that bad, the cabin fever never set it.
But I am happy to have some upcoming events to get ready for! For a busy bee like me, that is just the motivation I need to get some good work done.
I was just asked to "do a reading" at a Women's day event. I like the inaccuracy of that. I don't "read" the poems, I spit them at you. I shout and curse.
It's the stuff of open mic nights, not exactly a "reading", but in any case I'm excited.
I was also asked to do a poem or two at a fundraiser that MPAC (Minnesota Peace Action Coalition) is doing in April. It will be our usual gathering at The Black Dog cafe (good coffee and good politics) and the funds will go to sending people to Chicago for the NATO/G8 protest later in May. The only problem, really, is that i don't have any new material.
So good things ahead! Just got to sit down and write it.

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