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Saturday, February 18, 2012

An (amended yet again) Open Letter

In the latest version of my poem An Open Letter to the FBI I've included a quick remark about Ernest Hemingway. I did not mean for this to be some obscure gesture toward the fact that the FBI spys on our celebrities too. It is actually a recent article published in the New York Times by a close friend of Hemingway's, and I think it deserves mention. In July of 2011, A. E. Hotchner told us the truth about what happen to the famous writer in the last years of his life. (I strongly suggest that you read it for yourself: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/02/opinion/02hotchner.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all )
It tells of how Hemingway was hounded by the government for trips that he took to Cuba. That Hemingway knew this, and was paranoid and depressed, and eventually ended his own life. At the time no one believed him. But because of a recent FOIA request having gone public (that's Freedom Of Information Act) the whole thing turns out to be true!
It is disturbing and alarming that our government was and is capable of harassing a man into ending his own life. That it is a tactic that they use (as you may know, Dr. Martin Luther King also received phone calls from the Feds suggesting he give up now and take his own life).
But the other thing that really bothers me about this, is that it demonstrates how commonplace this kind of repression is. That this is how our government has conducted itself since the McCarthy era, and that to this day it continues.
Tonight is the Concert/Cd release party for the Committee to Stop FBI repression, and I am really looking forward. I am going to do this poem at the show (yippie!) and its ganna be great. But I do just want to take a moment to point out how serious the situation really is. We have to spread this message far and wide (before they scrub the Internet of its existence). This cannot be allowed to continue. We need to stand up to them. The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people.

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