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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some real optimism

My my my. That last post is no good. Honestly, I don't know if I can excavate any more old poems. They are all so bitter and without hope. I have done a lot of soul searching and self finding in these last few years and I have turned around on a lot of opinions I used to have about myself and my life. Mostly, I just like myself a whole lot more. I used to live like there was nothing to get up for everyday. It was no fun. When I think about her now (this person I used to be) she scares me. I would not like to meet her on the street. I mean, I would like her to change but she did, I did change.
Anyway, I will probably write over that last post another time. I'm just having trouble because I haven't been able to finish these poems I am working on and I haven't been able to write anything new. Sometime when I can think of better things to say, I will edit that dreary shit out.

Instead, I wanted to tell you I got some new journals today! I ordered them online and just got the package in the mail. I buy my journals directly from the artist who designs them (one Ms. Jill Bliss) and I love,love, love her stuff. Her journals are beautiful (with colorful illustrations of flowers and herbs) and functional (some pages are graph paper, some are lined, some are blank) and she really cares about the environment Plus, my journal's name is Ms. Bliss (how cool is that?) I tell her all the things I want in my world, which is to say: choose bliss. They inspire me to create. I keep one in my purse and carry it with me everywhere I go. I just got four new ones, which should last me at least six months and I'm really happy to have a small pile of something that makes me so happy.
So, more to come! There's been a lot going on for me lately, with the FBI raids of my AWC friends (and our office) and I hope for some trully inspired revolutionary prose soon. Now that I have proper supplies it's time to get writing!

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