Make Art, Not War

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Cause it's good for you, like exercise
like oxygen. It's good for you like
sleeping in. And with a good book there
for when you wake
to stimulate your brain.

Read while the rest of you
stays in bed, you and your head can
go off and
see the world,
solve a crime,
learn a language (or just the ways
the one you know can be used).
Read because it enriches you.
Watch how the words
and feelings are infused.
To create an experience.
Something new.

Read. Because information is what you need.
read non-fiction and history and poetry,
read great people's auto-biographies,
read fantasies


(And vote too, damn it.)


Terri said...

I like it! I work on art a lot in bed, the way people read before sleep, sort of a similar stimulation for the brain while the body rests. I haven't read in a while, but you have inspired me :)
I do keep a journal/almanac type deal, I agree it is important to keep those thoughts in a container that you love. Some of my journals I have made myself, you might get a kick out of making one if you can find the time.
You haven't posted much, neither have I, but I suspect winter will have me much busier online. Creative endeavors keep you warm when the sun doesn't. :)
Looking forward to more of your work, and your pictures, you have a great eye for nature and it's simplicity.
Peace! T

MissTeaTree said...

Thanks Terri! I'm glad you like my work.
I agree that's a good way to spend the winter months. I like to get withdrawn when it's cold out and think about my creative endevors and self improvements (and I like to be snug in bed too, or at least in slippers).
Hopefully, I can spend more time on my blog this season, and less on facebook : )
but, really, thanks for reading.