Make Art, Not War

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's your art?

Believe it or not, I am an introvert.

I mean, I know I’m standing up here on a stage
trying to communicate with you all now,
but I prefer my interactions with other people
be of a one on one variety.
When I find interesting people, and get them alone,
one of my favorite pry-them-wide-open questions to
ask them is “What’s your art?”
You know? 
What’s your art, as in, what is it that you live for?
That means more to you than just survival?
What do you pay your bills, and do the dishes and set aside time for?
--And it weirds me out that some people don’t even know.
I mean, it’s an important question 
(which is why I ask them).
Now, I am a poet, which means that I spend an exorbitant amount of time observing the world around me, and then                  writing about myself.
So that I can stand here    and ‘fess up’
which may sound terrifying to some, but trust me, it feels better just to let it go.
Making my little observations about the things that I admittedly don’t know.
I know one thing:   Art  Heals
I mean, that’s why I write.
I write because my heart is crying out almost all the time but without a voice it would go unnoticed.
I am only speaking for it. A secretary taking notes, 
but art-
Art sheds light on the dark things we bury 
and makes us grow.
It demands the best of us,
consoles us in our misery, 
rejoices with us when we are happy
really, a true friend.
Always pushing me to do better, 
and to try harder
and if I fail…?                 To try again.

So, practice your art. Put your time and energy into it
If you haven’t got one, get one,
it’s important.                (Let me explain)

My Best Friend  was talking to me about energy.
She is endlessly curious about the world in which we live, which is what makes our conversations worthwhile, which is why- She’s my best friend.  She said-
Whatever you do, your brain, the learning machine, is getting better at doing it.
Whatever it is. Whether it’s surfing the channels for something to watch
or performing the mundane daily tasks of your job, 
your brain is finding ways to do it faster, and more efficiently.
Isn’t it important then? How we spend our daily energy?
I don’t just mean your “free time” I’m talking every minute of you day to day life.
How do you spend it? 
Frustrated that you’re stuck in traffic?
Same old argument with a loved one?
Think about it- cause some of us are going to our death beds with a whole section of our brains dedicated to Minecraft … or to CSI
(Which does not make you a forensic scientist, by the way, just because you play one in your living room).

But which is also not to say that imagination doesn’t play a role in creativity
because of course it does.
And to tap into that energy we must be ready
we must be rested, well fed, and taken care of (or at least inspired).
The question is, what do you love?
What you do really want to get out of life?
and what is required to make it happen?
What is your art, as in what’s in your heart?
Cause what it comes down to in the end is just to
have dreams and believe in them.
(Or at least that’s what’s been working for me.)
And lately, I am only into make believe and I believe
the world is what we make it, so I see
the beauty of each moment, unfolding,
and I try to make that my reality.

And I write it down, just to get it out of me
like breathing air, a complimentary action to breathing in,
a necessary function.
That’s where the art come in
and sorta sorts me out.
Indeed, it’s an important part.
That’s why I like to know, when I meet new people, what’s your art?

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