Make Art, Not War

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was sort of a crash and burn scenario

        Let me tell ya, when you hit a
        brick wall it doesn't always
        stop you-it's just in the way.

I was HIGH as a kite, and good thing too
cause it was all that        lying        
                              under      -inner-
mumbo-jumbo, you know?
critical thinking questions
-thick stuff-

I was paying my most adamant attention, thinking
I am thi--s close to shutting  the whole
(so don't you dare me)          down.
I wasn't going to be affected
by the weather anymore
I was in for

                                   a lesson, alright.

1 comment:

Terri said...

LOL-love it! I was just marching up to the back door, about an hour ago, caught up in a whole lot of angry thoughts about dog being naughty and I hit black ice. Instantly spread eagle, face down, screaming knee, and evacuating bladder. GRRRRREAT! Your piece made me laugh!!!! Plus I LOVE the ee cummings leaf...

imagery! Great work! Peace T