Make Art, Not War

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To tell it like it is, this is how it goes:

With his hands on my hips as he went through my pockets
I felt my consciousness slip, retreating- I didn’t scream
I didn’t see him
And the guy behind me craning my neck
back with his
six-foot-something grip, chin rigid in the
crook of his elbow and my purse
in his free hand.
And it happened-just like that.
A block and a half
from here
two weeks ago, or so
and now
I’m trying to let go
of the phone (my ring tones)
my cash, the cold
my fears, the folks
those phone calls home
“Let go, “ He said in the calmest of tones, “just let go”.
Well, Law & Order fans will be disappointed
by the mundane details of
case no. 07-something, something
no violence, no sex
so, I’m lucky, I guess
or so I’m told
(case closed).
you know,
you can learn a lot about yourself
when you are held against your will, well
I learned I am smart enough to know
when I should just stand still, now
all anybody wants to see’s
the victim that’s been made of me, well
spare me the pity, and tell me again how sorry you are
for me
cause this is how it goes (it just goes)

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